Elmo Motion Control

Elmo gold drives offer a wide range of versatile servo drives as part of a motion control for any industrial automation application.  

  • simple setup and tuning with "Elmo Application Studio" (EAS)
  • intelligent motion-control-technology on the basis of the innovative goldline concept from Elmo
  • compact and high power density
  • high efficiency and wide application diversity
  • well-engineered motion-control-technology
  • communication over EtherCAT, CANopen, USB, Ethernet
  • supports various feedback sensors
  • lowered to a 50µs sampling rate at all servo loops
  • Current Loop bandwidth as high as 4.5KHz
  • mastering gantry using only 2 Gold drives
  • certified STO
  • and much more

Also available as ExtrIQ (for extreme environment) and SimplIQ (reliable).

Further information on request


Please note that the drives are subject to minimum-order-quantities (MOQs).